TBC Bank - exhibition spaces
TBC Bank - exhibition spaces

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Organization and management
TBC Bank has three galleries in Tbilisi, Sighnagi and Batumi.
On February 26, 2005, the new Head Office of JSC TBC Bank was opened, along with a TBC Gallery.
On March 15, 2008, TBC Art Gallery opened in Sighnagi together with a new TBC branch. An exhibition of the famous nonconformist Telavi artist, Vakhtang (Vati) Davitashvili, was on display at the gallery's opening.
On January 27, 2009 TBC, Art Gallery opened in Batumi together with a new TBC branch.
Curator - Tamar Zakariadze / tzakariadze@tbcbank.com.ge

The TBC Bank Gallery's main goal is the popularization of the art representatives and artists of Georgia.
Every month, several cultural events are organized in the TBC Gallery. Among them are presentations of new books; exhibitions of artwork and photography; and presentations of new films, musical discs, recitals, etc.
300 cultural events were organized in the TBC Gallery between 2006 and 2008.

Exhibitions/Events 2011
Solo exhibition and presentation of the catalog of Karlo Kacharava
December - Solo exhibition of Ketevna Davlianidze; May - Solo exhibition of Rusudan Javrishvili. Displayed works were from artist's personal studio; February - Exhibition "Love Cards". TBC Bank and the Georgian National Center of Manuscripts arranged an unusual exhibition named "Love Cards". Unknown love letters written by famous figures of the eighth and ninth centuries were exhibited. Artist Murman Jinoria and poet Rati Amaglobeli were the hosts of the evening. Guests had an opportunity to see and listen to the love letters between Ivane Javakhishvili and Anastasia Jambakur-Orbeliani, Dimitri Khoshtaria (Dutu Megreli) and Anastasia Khoshtaria, Dimitri Shevardnadze and Ketevan Magalashvili, Konstantine Gamsakhurdia and Rebecca Vashadze and Ilia Chavchavadze and Olga Guramishvili. Unique archives and private objects of famous couples were also exhibited. For one day, guests of the event were invited to explore the epistolary genre and compose dedicated love letters to their beloved. Hundreds of such letters were dropped into a post-box specifically brought to the TBC Gallery for this purpose. These letters were later sent to their addressees. 2008
June - Eightieth anniversary of the famous writer Nodar Dumbadze. Works and a personal photo archive of the writer were put on display, along with posters of plays set to his works; May - A Unique Clocks and Watches Exhibition. TBC Bank has prolonged its working hours and we now offer our services 12 hours a day. To commemorate this novelty, a unique clocks and watches exhibition “It’s TBC Time” took place at TBC Bank.
For the first time in Georgia, 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st century clocks and watches from private collections will be gathered for a special exhibition; March - Solo exhibition of Vakhtang Davitashvili. TBC Gallery branch in Signagi. March - Erlom Akhvlediani's New Storybook Presentation. The book is illustrated by famous artist Rusudan Petviashvili. The trade exhibition of original manuscripts and artworks of Erlom Akhvlediani’s and Rusudan Petviashvili was also held at the event.
TBC Gallery - Tbilisi
16, Marjanishvili St. Tbilisi, Georgia
+995 32 27 27 27
TBC Gallery - Sighnagi
Sighnagi Branch, Georgia
+995 255 3 12 65 / 3 13 65
TBC Gallery - Batumi
37, Zubalashvili St. Batumi, Georgia
+888222 79700