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ProCredit Bank
ProCredit Bank

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Organization and management
ProCredit Bank Georgia is a member of ProCredit Banks International group (Frankfurt, Germany).
ProCredit Bank Exhibition Halls have been available since May 15, 2007. Exhibition-Sales are organized not only in the capital of Georgia but in regional branches as well.
General Director - Philipp Pott
Director - Maya Meredova
Director - Sascha Ternes
PR specialist - Tinatin Nadiradze / +995 95 116 404

Strategies / Priorities
Popularization of Georgian Art and increased social awareness of Georgian artists. Exhibitions in bank branches together with exhibitions that ProCredit Bank offers: polygraph service (invitations, posters), exposition service (mounting and exhibition), photo service.
Exhibition of Ukrainian artists (Katerina Dudnik, Oksana Stratiichuk, Galina Bodyakova and Andrey Kutsachenko). Exhibition and sale of the paintings of Georgian artists (Nino Peradze, Ketevan Shalamberidze, Eldar Kavshbaia, Murtaz Shvelidze and Giorgi Goglidze). ProCredit Bank branch. Podol, Ukraine. Exhibition of Modern German Technologies. The exhibition featured 26 posters displaying the possibilities of energy generation in the future.

Project "Pro-Art" was launched on the occasion of the bank’s eighth anniversary. The project aimed to support Georgian artists and increase awareness of Georgian fine art. In the frameworks of the project, exhibitions of modern Georgian painters were arranged in different ProCredit Bank branches, both in Tbilisi, and in various towns where the bank operates. Each exhibition lasted four weeks. Over the course of 12 months, 38 exhibitions featuring the works of 38 different artists were arranged throughout the country. Most of the paintings were up for sale and over 100 paintings were sold. Apart from paintings, the “ProArt” catalog includes a brief biography and contact information for each artist. Copies of the catalog will also be provided to our sister institutions in 22 countries where the ProCredit group operates.


JSC ProCredit Bank, Georgia
Legal and Post address - 154 D. Agmashenebeli Ave., Tbilisi 0112, Georgia
+995 32 202 222
+995 32 243 753