National Musical Center of Georgia
National Musical Center of Georgia

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Organization and management
Manager - Nikoloz Memanishvili
Programs director - Nino Nakhutsrishvili

Strategies / Priorities
The strategies and priorities of the National Musical Center of Georgia are to promote Georgian culture, to raise the cultural perceptions in society, to stimulate professional music, to develop of the aesthetic vision of youths, and to organize various festivals and competitions.
Exhibition of Givi Mizandari, Mzia Melikset-Begi-Mizandari. Photo-materials of 19-20 centuries.
Handmade samples from ”N/N Art and Silk" company.

Vakhtang Gabunia's solo exhibition.
Artem Alabuliantsy's solo exhibition.
Dini Virsaladze's solo exhibition.
Festival "Visit with quartet". "Tbilisi and Tbilisians", exhibition of Georgian artists.
Photo-exhibition of Jano Demetrashvili. "My Georgia", exhibition of famous Georgian artists.

Exhibition of Georgian artists about the music.
Exhibition of students from the Tbilisi State Academy of Art.

127, Agmashenebeli ave., 0112, Tbilisi, Georgia
+995 32 915505
+995 32 915533