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Organization and management
The founders of the non-governmental association "Arts Interdisciplinary Research Laboratory" are art historians, curators, historians, sociologists, urbanists, restorers and artists.
Director and board members
Nana Kipiani - Director of AIRL, PhD in Art History and Theory, head of MA in Arts Interdisciplinary Studies
Tea Tabatadze - PhD in Art History, Curator, head of exhibition and workshop programs
Mzia Chikhradze - PhD in Art History and Theory, head of: Visual Art Studies Department
Samson Lezhava - Doctor of Art History and Theory, Board Member
Levan Chogoshvili - Artist, Project manager
Director and the Board Departments: Visual Art Studies (Modern, Contemporary); Urban and Architecture Studies Library Exhibitions and Workshops Two year master courses in Arts Interdisciplinary Studies (for Ilya Chavchavadze State University from approximately next year)
Strategy / Priorities
To bring together theory and practice, heritage and modernism; to establish interdisciplinary research practice of Georgian art; while at the same time promoting artistic, intellectual and cultural cooperation and exchanges with the greater world to provide links between four spheres: education, information, network and innovation. We aim to maintain the active exchange of information and to establish contacts between the people and artistic institutions on regional and international levels.
AIRL, in collaboration with German -Caucasian University, established a two-year graduate program in Arts Interdisciplinary Studies

49, Zubalashvili str., Tbilisi 0108, Georgia (Under construction)