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Art Villa Garikula
Art Villa Garikula

Organization and management
Garikula is driven by the passion to create an environment where artists can live and work together as a team. During a time of change, the desire to cooperate and establish useful contacts becomes stronger, as it allows one to rethink the role of art and the artist in a new world.
Bolgarski Citadel - the headquarters of Garikula - was built as a summer residence in 1885. The Polish engineer and architect (known to have engineered the Central Exhibition Hall of Tbilisi) enjoyed his own generated electricity and a complex system of water filters and drainage that helped him in agricultural production and export. After the Soviet revolution, the citadel served as an army base and an orphanage. The last successor of the Bolgarski family, painter Vera Beletski, wished to create an art school in the building.
Chairman: Karaman Kutateladze / Foundation for Revival and Development of Cultural Heritage of Shida Kartli /
International project Coordinator: Manana Tevzadze
Strategies / Priorities
The artist group involved in Garikula shares a dream: to create in Akhalkalaki a self-sustainable functioning infrastructure of contemporary art; an art village gathering artists and passions to create a universal instrument of understanding, democracy and balance through elegance. Everyone who believes in the power of art to shape the time in which we live is invited to participate: meetings, workshops and festivals of art gain an international scope while the residency project invites people to witness Georgian aesthetics of agriculture, environmental history and art. Garikula plays its role as a regional base where people of art, culture and science can meet together and stay in residence.
Garikula's residency program offers creative space where artists are provided accommodation and studios.
Villa Garikula consists of a wine cellar, a meeting room or exhibition space, studios, living rooms, corridors, kitchen and terraces, dining room, balconies and a tower, as well as a separate building for bathrooms. Spacious balconies with 19th c. French tiles and terraces with ceramic floors are used as summer studios.
The fourth floor tower overlooks a garden, fruit trees, the vineyard and the outermost part of village and has a beautiful view of mountains to the North and South, including the Caucasus and Trialeti ranges.
The use of local natural pigments, clay and stone, is becoming more popular with local and international artists.
Artists originally employed in the Tbilisi State Academy of Art who now live at Garikula work on the educational program in which students and teachers are regarded as colleagues interacting during creative work. In Garikula, it is believed that keeping the collegial atmosphere, between experienced artists and students, and learning through cooperative creative work gives students maximum time to explore their own angle on creativity.
Art classes allow students to work with the sources of their artistic motivation, becoming intimate with their personal style through drawing, painting, sculpture, collage and theory courses. The end purpose of this art class is the student’s artistic self-sufficiency and the diversification of creative space.
At every stage the staff is careful to distinguish students' “technical” mistakes from their search, striving not to comment on the former and to encourage the latter.
During their employment at A. Kutateladze Tbilisi State Academy of Art, Garikula staff developed a new learning and entry examination program based on the following factors: attentive pedagogical practice; the tradition of running the Academy during the hard Soviet period when it was under the threat of closure in the 1960s; adding faculty and studios ready to cooperate with socialist academies abroad; and maintaining blood ties with the key figures of Russian Futurism - an early 20th c. avant-garde art movement that revolutionized fonts and book-publishing aesthetics.

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