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Art Villa Garikula
Art Villa Garikula

Organization and management
Garikula is driven by the passion to create an environment where artists can live and work together as a team. During a time of change, the desire to cooperate and establish useful contacts becomes stronger, as it allows one to rethink the role of art and the artist in a new world.
Bolgarski Citadel - the headquarters of Garikula - was built as a summer residence in 1885. The Polish engineer and architect (known to have engineered the Central Exhibition Hall of Tbilisi) enjoyed his own generated electricity and a complex system of water filters and drainage that helped him in agricultural production and export. After the Soviet revolution, the citadel served as an army base and an orphanage. The last successor of the Bolgarski family, painter Vera Beletski, wished to create an art school in the building.
Chairman: Karaman Kutateladze / Foundation for Revival and Development of Cultural Heritage of Shida Kartli /
International project Coordinator: Manana Tevzadze
Strategies / Priorities
The artist group involved in Garikula shares a dream: to create in Akhalkalaki a self-sustainable functioning infrastructure of contemporary art; an art village gathering artists and passions to create a universal instrument of understanding, democracy and balance through elegance. Everyone who believes in the power of art to shape the time in which we live is invited to participate: meetings, workshops and festivals of art gain an international scope while the residency project invites people to witness Georgian aesthetics of agriculture, environmental history and art. Garikula plays its role as a regional base where people of art, culture and science can meet together and stay in residence.
Garikula's residency program offers creative space where artists are provided accommodation and studios.
Villa Garikula consists of a wine cellar, a meeting room or exhibition space, studios, living rooms, corridors, kitchen and terraces, dining room, balconies and a tower, as well as a separate building for bathrooms. Spacious balconies with 19th c. French tiles and terraces with ceramic floors are used as summer studios.
The fourth floor tower overlooks a garden, fruit trees, the vineyard and the outermost part of village and has a beautiful view of mountains to the North and South, including the Caucasus and Trialeti ranges.
The use of local natural pigments, clay and stone, is becoming more popular with local and international artists.
Artists originally employed in the Tbilisi State Academy of Art who now live at Garikula work on the educational program in which students and teachers are regarded as colleagues interacting during creative work. In Garikula, it is believed that keeping the collegial atmosphere, between experienced artists and students, and learning through cooperative creative work gives students maximum time to explore their own angle on creativity.
Art classes allow students to work with the sources of their artistic motivation, becoming intimate with their personal style through drawing, painting, sculpture, collage and theory courses. The end purpose of this art class is the student’s artistic self-sufficiency and the diversification of creative space.
At every stage the staff is careful to distinguish students' “technical” mistakes from their search, striving not to comment on the former and to encourage the latter.
During their employment at A. Kutateladze Tbilisi State Academy of Art, Garikula staff developed a new learning and entry examination program based on the following factors: attentive pedagogical practice; the tradition of running the Academy during the hard Soviet period when it was under the threat of closure in the 1960s; adding faculty and studios ready to cooperate with socialist academies abroad; and maintaining blood ties with the key figures of Russian Futurism - an early 20th c. avant-garde art movement that revolutionized fonts and book-publishing aesthetics.

Fest i Nova will host artists from Austria, France, Georgia, Netherlands, United States of America. The "Foundation of Revival and Development of Cultural Heritage of Shida Kartli / Georgia" will launch this year a new Festival of Contemporary Art in the Art Villa Garikula / Ahkalkalaki (5th of August - 25th of October '09). The Chairman of the Foundation - Karaman Kutateladze - will host artists from Austria, Georgia, France, Netherlands and the United States of America. The artists are invited to realize individual projects in the frame of the given context "Pavilion". The goal of each project is to create a specific platform in order to faciliate the exchange of artistic views as well as to stimulate different practices of contemporary art. The first part of the International Art Festival "FEST I NOVA - Garikula '09" will start on August the 5th with the Austrian project "ici GARIKULA", followed by American, Dutch, French and Georgian presentations. An exhibition - dedicated to Kirill and Ilia (ILIAZD) Zdanevitch - will take place at the National Museum of Georgia, in collaboration with the French Embassy in Georgia, the Centre Alexandre Dumas and ART VILLA GARIKULA. Participants: AUSTRIA / Simonetta Ferfoglia & Heinrich Pichler (gangart), Gilbert Bretterbauer, Tina Bepperling, Isabel Becker and art critic Carola Platzek; FRANCE / Jean Dupuy, Emile Laugier, Aurele "Lost Dog", Elisa Fantozzi, Guela Tsouladze, Tamar Kvesitadze, Jean-Pierre Godeaut; GEORGIA / Oleg Timchenko, Guga Kotetishvili, Vakhtang Bughadze, Karaman Kutateladze, Givi Nonikashvili, Nino Morbedadze, Rezo Gogolashvili, Gogi Okropiridze, Vakhtang Tsereteli, Koka Ramishvili and Mamuka Japaridze; NETHERLANDS / Anouk Sluizer, Jeanette Groenedaal and Zoot Derks; UNITED STATES OF AMERICA / Nanuka Tchitchoua, Travis Wade Ivy, Eva Salina Primack, Aurelia Shrenker. Fest i Nova's new guest: HUMAN EMOTION PROJECT - Human Emotions documented visually by international artists using film or video. By employing the largest palette of creative possibilities, film and video artists from around the world strive to externalize those complex driving forces that we all enjoy and endure and that bind us, as humanity, together despite our differences. Director: Karaman Kutateladze / GE. Curators and coordinators of projects: Tina Bepperling, Isabel Becker, Gogi Okropiridze, Guela Tsouladze, Ketevan Kvinikadze, Ketevan Okropiridze, Maya Simonia, Nanouka Tchitchoua, Alison Williams, Irina Gabiani. Managers: Revaz Gogolashvii, Khatuna Mzarelua. Collaborators: Revaz Apkhazava / GE. Partners & Sponsors: Ministry of Culture, Monuments Protection and Sport of Georgia, Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs of Austria, Federal Ministry for Education, Culture and Sport of Austria, AIRZENA, Artisterium, French Embassy in Georgia, Centre for Cultural Francais Alexandre Dumas, CGCCA Centre for Global Coordination of Culture and Art, PCN Platform for Cultural Networking, Kulturschmiede. Festival "Solidarity" - October 1 - November 7, 2008. Named so after the Russian military invasion in Georgia, this festival is the framework of international initiatives in Garikula called Liquid Art, started in 2005. Project 000 represents future goals of Garikula, as well as sponsors that have contributed previously, and partners. Artisterium - as the name suggests, it is an art fair, and organised in Tbilisi every autumn Denis Gonobolin Artist in residence in Garikula, creates a big plane-man "Deja vu", which is in creating process, it's a brother of a little plane-man "Deja vu". Jurate Lansdbergite, musician from Vilnius, Lithuania, artist in residence in Garikula, presented classic, old and modern baltic, armenian and ukrainian music. Sais Jurate: "I will look forward next year with new project to go back to Art Villa Garikula and bring there more artists from Lithuania". Artists Alicja Rogalska (Poland/UK) and Martin Clarke (UK) were in residence at Art Villa Garikula 11-31 August. Together they worked on a site-specific installation in the garden, The Best Things Happen Just before the fall, and recorded sounds, interviews and collected footage for a video which will be premiered in Art Villa Garikula at the Fest i Nova Festival in October 2009 L'Expédition Cycloscope is a mobile cine-concert, which came from France by bicycle. Professeur Nixe and Célestine created a revolutionary invention: le CYCLOSCOPE - the projector that is powered entirely by bicycle. Karaman Kutateladze hosted them, and they installed their scientific-burlesque laboratory in the dark wine cellar of Garikula. They really enjoyed presenting to the people of Garikula, with their clarinet and accordion, Charlot, Harold Lloyd, Emile Cohl and Nosferatu. Sebastian Boulter and Natxa Pomar, artists in residence in Garikula, developed an artistic-philosophical research on past and present in the Caucasus Area. Marius Abramavicius Garikula 2009 tango. Artists Tina Bepperling and Guga Kotetishvili; journalist Pamela Renner visit and create first thinktank of the 2009. 2008
Emile Laugier and Jeane Dupuy visit among guests of the suspended festival "Liquid Art". Link with supplied most visitors. Movie depicting the work of Emile Laugier and Jeane Dupuy, invited to Georgia by Guela Tsouladze Lithuanian culture week. Riga Visual Arts Academy students/faculty member visit. Stuttgart State Academy of Visual Art student/faculty visit. Residence of Ben Goldstone aka - musician and sound artist. Residence and concert of Scott Taylor, musician from France and US.
Photography exhibition on the occasion of visit of cultural attache of the US embassy in Tbilisi, Rowena Najafi, and library presentation. The first part of books from the library grant welcomed in Garikula. Residency of American artist Pamela Cardwell visiting Georgia through a Fulbright program. Pam contributed large amounts of out of print and new art books to Garikula library. Four students from Latvia: Agris Buzens, Ieva Kremere, Jana Metere and Klavs Kalnacs stay in Garikula for several days and make photos of Georgian nature and Tbilisi. Traveling Lithuanian artist, from Uzupis Art Incubator, arrived for a week In Garikula. The participation of Georgian artists in European Capital of Culture festival (in Vilnius in 2009) was discussed along with other issues. Two artists and art manager from Latvia, enjoy their own trips program and stay in residence with other artists in Garikula. Babylon Caucasus, the caravan of 60 French artists traveling in Georgia, Chechnia and Kabardino-Balkaria, come to Garikula where they give a concert and a show. The tour organized by French association of artists Marcho Doryila.
Residency of American artist Pamela Cardwell visiting Georgia through a Fulbright program. Art Villa Garikula Publishing Atelier has discontinued website design, as well as printing for Art Villa Garikula. Artist in Residence: Anton Balanchivadze. Sweden's visit in Garikula. The Russian magazine "Shtab-Kvartira", Marina Tsurtsumia and Mikhail Stepanov, visit Garikula for a photo-session and discuss cooperation venues for the coming seasons. Georgian-French meeting with focus on ethnic culture in Caucasus and France. Artists from Marcho Doryila visit students' base of Akhalkalaki and Garikula citadel. The exhibition of contemporary art “Caucasus” in the National Centre for Contemporary Art, Moscow, welcomed Georgian artists. Photo expedition with Samuel Wooten, photographer.
Art Villa Garikula hosted Irish, Georgian and English artists, on a work in progress, called Europe's Peripheries. International Culture House invited to Garikula student filmmakers from Latvia and Georgia. Organized by Nino Nozadze, from ICH, the meeting aimed at conveying through the film the image of new cultural dimensions; “Open Gauge” works were presented in Georgia and Latvia. Highlighting Georgian customs, cuisine and culture, “Gourmaniada” was organized in Art Villa Garikula by Karaman Kutateladze, Goga Kalandadze, Gogi and Kote Totibadze, Nina Gomiashvili and Aleksei Kazakov. The catalogue was published in Moscow in 2005. Gourmaniada presents cuisine, art and customs of a particular country. Kulturschmiede, Austrian Federal Chancellery, Kultur Kontakt Austria, Georgian Ministry of Culture, Sports and Monuments protection and Art Villa Garikula organized the symposium “Wien – Garikula”. Conceived by Giorgi Okropiridze, Lukas Horwath and Johannes Steidl a two-week meeting of 15 artists from Austria in Georgia was to promote direct contact between artists from Austria and Georgia, as well as make Georgian contemporary art known in Vienna where the catalog covering the event was presented. As an additional benefit one Georgian participant visited Vienna through Kultur Kontakt, and an Austrian participant lived in Tbilisi for almost one year. The artworks have been exhibited in National Art Center, Tbilisi, and remain in the collection of Garikula. The Dutch Federation of Artists’ Associations, European Council of Artists, UNESCO, Georgian Ministry of Culture, Sport and Monuments Protection, and Art Villa Garikula, organized a one-week symposium with artists from the Netherlands, Lithuania, Turkey and Georgia. In the framework of annual events by European Council of Artists called “A Portrait of the Artist in 2015”, the artists' encounter the addressed theme of friendship inspired by the Middle Age Georgian poem “The Knight in the Tiger’s Skin”; as well as Georgian, Dutch and Lithuanian song, music and contemporary art. A catalogue with a DVD was published in Netherlands by ECA, covering this encounter in detail. Established “National Art Center”/NAC in Tbilisi.
“Wind from the Caucasus”, Georgia - Russia meeting with participation of a German artist and a journalist from the US. Restoration of three levels of citadel included water system, plastering, purchase of antiquarian furniture from the village as well as creation of new furniture. Georgian artists took three weeks residency at Art Villa Garikula. Architectural project “Garikula – Center for the Arts” was exhibited in Venice on a 9th Architectural Biennial Metamorph. The idea of transformation is the core principle of architectural project developed in Garikula by Dima Mamatsashvili and Irakli Vacheishvili in 2004. History's meeting with modern life, Georgian traditions embracing those of East and West; architectural forms are based on traditional philosophies of Georgian architecture and modern construction techniques. The architectural form and landscape underlines building capacity to transform for extra functionality.
Creation of first website of Art Villa Garikula. The website was inspired by wall paintings and decoration by students of the Academy of Art in Tbilisi. The website has won honorable mention in the competition held by Natwerkstan. Autumn Plainaire in Garikula. Organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Poland and Tbilisi Academy of Art. Meeting with Natverkstan – Swedish network of art organizations. Mrs. Sandra Rulovs, wife of President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili, organized plenary for elderly artists. US Ambassador in Georgia Mr. Richard Miles hosts the exhibition of works of Roger Colombik and Jerolyn Bahm-Colombik, created in Garikula, in the ambassador's residence in Tbilisi. Artist meeting “Garikula – Kalahari”, inspired with the view of never-the–same mountains across the river. Design Atelier of Art Villa Garikula starts working with the cultural department of the US embassy printing calendars with photographs by Robert Capa, as well as other material featuring links between Georgia and the US. Students of Tbilisi State Art Academy stay in Garikula in residence, helping with the cleaning and rebuilding of the house. The architectural project “Garikula – Centre for the Art” is invited to exhibition on Venice Architectural Biennale “Metamorph” in 2004. Fulbright artist Clifton Meador visits Tbilisi State Academy of Art and Art Villa Garikula, with workshops on the art of book design. Art Villa Garikula collaborates with US embassy and Fulbright Scholar Program and holds professional artist meeting in Art Villa Garikula. International art catalogue Art of Nations publishes photographs taken in Garikula by Evgeny Nesterov and Irina Padva. 2002
Fulbright artist Joseph Kagle establishes art and resource room in Tbilisi State Academy of Art and holds workshops in Art Villa Garikula followed with the exhibition at Garikula. Master-class in art history was held for the students from Tbilisi State Academy of Art. Symposium of Georgian professional painters organized by Nana Bagdavadze (USA). “Summer plenary in Garikula” and “Autumn Plainaire in Garikula”. Workshop by Swiss photographer Irene Maag. Caucasus Art Manager's forum. Summer symposium with participation of 20 students from Tbilisi State Academy of Art. “Art In Public Places”, project by a Fulbright artist Roger Colombik, and a group of students from the Tbilisi State Academy of Art; Mr. Colombik read lectures and supervised student works in the framework of the “Art in Public Places” project. The US embassy and the Tbilisi Karvasla museum organize exhibition of students’ works created in Art Villa Garikula. The visit to Garikula inspires Russian photographers Eugenyi Nesterov and Irina Padva to take a number of photographs used later in the catalogue “Iskusstvo Nacii” (The Art of Nations). Local photographers also contribute to the database: Anna Nizharadze, Gia Pailodze, Giorgi Mirzashvili, Guga Kotetishvili, Guram Tsibakhashvili and many others. Painters Giorgi Mirzashvili, Oleg Timchenko and Merab Surviladze create new murals in the citadel. Fulbright artist from the US Joseph Kagle collaborates with Garikula and the Academy of Art, arranging workshops and an exhibition in Garikula. Mr. Kagle showed different techniques of working with colors and elaborated on the subject of spontaneity of artistic choice during the drawing process.
Documenting of church frescoes: Ikvi and Phavnisi. Painting and photography master class. The residence of 18 students and 4 faculty members from Tbilisi State Academy of Art. With the help of the foundation that established the Art Villa Garikula a regional house for the disabled children receives presents. Restoration of the citadel: architectural company studies original plans of the citadel and adjacent land and starts to work on the architectural plan of the art centre.
Students from Tbilisi State Academy of Art create a Photo-story depicting the reconstruction and wall paintings creation process. Students from Tbilisi State Academy of Art participate in reconstruction and create wall paintings and works of their own. The residence program opened with sculptor symposium in 2000. Most works from the symposium are in the collection of Art Villa Garikula.
Kavsadze 4, Tbilisi 0179, Georgia 597 744 040