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Organization and management
V. Gunia Young Theatrical Artists Union (YTA UNION) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization.
YTA UNION was founded in 1998 by the professors and students of Tbilisi State Art Academy and Shota Rustaveli State University of Theatre and Film.
YTA Union unites people of different profesions: artists, actors, film directors, theatre experts, art historians, curators.
Date of establishement: 07.10.1998.
Partner bank: "Georgian Bank"
Executive Director - Nino Gunia-Kuznetsova / stage designer, curator, EC National Expert of Cultural Policy

Strategies / Priorities
Development of Theatrical and Fine Arts. Support of creative activity and promotion of artistic self-expression of young artists Protection of creative, professional and social interests of young theatrical artists and critics. Development of cultural policy. YTA UNION objectives

Creative work, research of cultural policy and intercultural dialogue in Georgia:
Promotion of new creative ideas in theatrical art. Stimulation and support of the active integration of young Georgian theatrical artists in international theatrical creative processes and their propagation. Promotion of contacts between young people. Creation of a union of young scenographers and the protection of their professional interests. Carrying out of scientific research and educational activity in the sphere of Georgian theatrical arts. Development of new methodologies (including cultural policy). Support of mutual cooperation of the nongovernmental organizations working in the sphere of culture. Coalition cooperation in the sphere of cultural policy.

October - YTA UNION delegation's participation in International Symposium of Stage designers. Amsterdam, Netherlands (financer: Ministry of Culture, Monuments Protection and Sport of Georgia). May - "Compendium author Meeting in Madrid, Spain", YTA UNION director's participation in the meeting of authors of Europe Cultural Policy. Madrid, Spain. February-March - YTA UNION director's participation in investigation of Georgian Cultural policy (visual art, art education and museum policy). Tbilisi, Georgia .
December - "Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends in Europe", YTA UNION delegation's participation in the 10th meeting of authors of Europe Cultural Policy, Baku, Azerbaijan. "Treasury of the Georgian scenography"- George Gunia's Anniversary Exhibition; Georgian National Museum, Georgian State Museum of Theatre, Cinema, Choreography and Music, Georgian National Museum - Tbilisi History Museum "Karvasla" (Financing of Ministry of Culture, Monument Protection and Sport).
June - Georgian School Exhibition on Prague Quadrennial 2007; exhibition theme: "Auditorium N 15 - Always at the Edge". (Financing of Ministry of Culture, Monument Protection and Sport, State Program Georgian Season).
The project "Let's hold hand in hand", partners TUTU-Azerbaijan and TUTU-Afghanistan. Arts and Culture Network Program of OSI.
The project "The Caucasian network of Cultural Observatories - Arts and Culture Network Program of OSI”.

24, Galaktion St., 0105, Tbilisi, Georgia
+995 32 98 33 90