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Organization and management
NEW ART UNION (NGO) was established in 1998 (Tbilisi, Georgia) to serve as an advocate for Contemporary Art, and as a catalyst for the creation of significant art projects. We seek to nurture the emerging as well as the established; experimentation as well as education. NEW ART Union is interested in making reformations in cultural and art spaces. Our work is dedicated to fostering greater objectivity and professionalism in the field of Contemporary Art.
Founder - Rusiko Oat
Coordinator - Lika Megrelidze

Strategies / Priorities
Educating and inspiring artists in new developments of Contemporary Art. Developing new ideas and trends in the field Contemporary Art, inside and out of Georgia; improving the ability of artists to conduct their independent activities; giving job opportunities; creating a database of artists in Georgia; promoting educational and training programs; promoting the rights of artists; building a democratic and free-market institution of Contemporary Art; building strong partnerships; facilitating trade and investment activities; fulfilling projects which offer innovative conceptions, make structural changes in the business interrelationships and build contacts between individuals and government organizations. Aims
To support the development of different spheres of art, support the evolution of new ideas in Modern Art and to cultivate diverse audiences, develop the Contemporary Art branch and cooperating groups and make business advertisements in Georgia and abroad, organize festivals, exhibitions, workshops and studio-laboratories, unite artists in a big group, represent artists' activities both inside and out of Georgia, create a Georgian cultural and informational network on the internet.
Georgia emerged from the break-up the Soviet Union, seeking to become part of the global community of nations. Nowadays, our country is engaged in the difficult process of transition into a democratic society. The New Art Union believes that such small countries, where the economy is in a stage of transformation, are ready to be guided by their cultural traditions to the creation of a basis for economic growth. As a result, the organization of the New Art Union was established in order to help this process in the sphere of art, culture and education and to these spheres through our projects.
The New Art Union is concerned with promoting the skills and vision necessary for developing the greatest art and educational benefits to individuals and their societies. The organization is ready to invest its resources (human and financial) to help artists become active participants in the cultural life of their community. The organization also works to eliminate the informational vacuum after the Post-communist regime and seeks the renewal of contacts in the sphere of culture for better integration and popularization of Georgian Contemporary Art and for supporting the young creative potential that will build tomorrow's culture. The cultural future of the nation depends on its creative present.

Festival “TRANSCAUCASIA” – Poland, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia. /Co-partner/. 2006
“Law and Artist” – regional project of cooperation; Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia. Photo exhibition, David Akriani, NEW ART GALLERY, Tbilisi, Georgia.
The organization has established annual youthful literature contest “Alubloba”. “Art Caucasus” contemporary art concept. Together with association “Art Caucasus”. “SALE” , Michael Shengelia, NEW ART GALLERY, Tbilisi, Georgia. Teens literary Contest “Alubloba”, Tbilisi, Georgia. "Trip to Europe", Sandro Asatiani Exhibition, NEW ART GALLERY, Tbilisi, Georgia. "Infra Red", Kote Mindadze, NEW ART GALLERY, Tbilisi, Georgia.

Caucasus Art Expo., International Art Fair, GTC ( Georgian Trade Center). Tbilisi, Georgia.

“GAUGUIN ART SHOW” , The French Embassy in Georgia, NOA NOA Club. Tbilisi, Georgia. “OPEN COMMUNICATION” , Slovakia – Georgia, Video Art screening and public lecture about contemporary Slovak Art, NEW ART GALLERY, Tbilisi, Georgia. 2002
Alexander Saakov, Photo-Exhibition "Old Tbilisi", NEW ART GALLERY, Tbilisi, Georgia. Shengelia Contemporary artist, "Royal Mail", NEW ART GALLERY, Tbilisi, Georgia. Guram Tsibakhashvili, action-exhibition "The Red", NEW ART GALLERY, Tbilisi, Georgia. Group exhibition of the Georgian Top Ten contemporary artists and Jewelers, NEW ART GALLERY, Tbilisi, Georgia.

"Black & White" action-exhibition, Kote Sulaberidze & Michael Gogrichiani Temo Djavakhishvili, Action Exhibition "Art In Your Space", NEW ART Union Exhibition hall "Tapi", Tbilisi, Georgia. Kote Djinchardze. Exhibition-project "Golden Boy", NEW ART Union Exhibition hall "Tapi", Tbilisi, Georgia. The Action - Exhibition organized in cooperation of Rotaract Club and NEW ART Union is for supporting homeless and intellectually defected children. (Art school "Napertskala" and #1 boarding school for mentally handicapped children and also school-boarding house for homeless children "House for Future"). Sponsored by Rotaract Club and NEW ART Union. Alexander Varvaridze; One-man show, Digital photo, NEW ART Union Exhibition hall "Tapi", Tbilisi, Georgia.
On the basis of NEW ART Union was established Exhibition Hall "Tapi". On the basis of Exhibition Hall "Tapi" work several studios /Art history studio, Interactive methodical studio, Literature-Critical studio, and Modern Art studio, Art+Music/. Participated in the "Caucasus Tourism Fair". Presented Georgian contemporary and folk art exponents.

founders of organization participated in training and consulting program made by international fund "Horizonti" under the name of "Development and Management of Non-governmental Organizations" which was financed by American International Development Agency (USAID). NEW ART Union and Intellectually-Defective Children's Art School-studio "Napertskala" made an action-exhibition on International Children's Protection Day in Tbilisi History Museum. With leadership of travel company "Caucasus Travel". Exclusive exhibition for "YPO". /Young President Organization/. Museum of Tbilisi's history.

16 Georgian artists exhibition, Gallery "Nike", New York, USA.

31, Orbeliani St., 0105, Tbilisi, Georgia
+995 32 987 544
+995 99 720 906