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Organization and management
GeoAIR, a non-governmental and non-commercial organization was found in 2003.
Date of legally registration: 2007.

GeoAIR (from 2003 onwards) organizes and supports international exchange projects with the goal of strengthening the Georgian and Caucasian art world, bringing together artists from different cultural backgrounds and finding relevant contexts for them to work in.

Besides this, GeoAIR stimulates and raises awareness and engagement with art and culture from this region. We work together with international individuals and organizations that share our goals.

GeoAIR has also become, over the years, an ‘intermediary for individuals and organizations that seek connection with the arts in this region.

2010 - The GeoAIR Residency Program from 2010. GeoAIR and Archidrome present new series of artist talks and presentations. GeoAIR residency welcomes international artists and curators to base themselves and work in Tbilisi for various lengths of time. These artists and curators will each present their work or related topic in their presentations for Georgian public.
2008 - Solo exhibition of Salome Machaidze, Leipzig, Germany.
2008 - "Exchange academy". During three weeks in April 2008 a group of Georgian, Dutch, Turkish and Armenian artists created platform for exchange of information, brainstorm sessions, group and individual projects and research on and around the theme: contemporary art archive. This project was realized in collaboration with the team of Georgian Contemporary Art Archive ‘Archodrome’ and took place in the Silk Museum in Tbilisi. At the end of the working period of three weeks the project opened to public with final presentation. The public and art sector of Tbilisi were involved in the project through lectures, workshops and artists talks.
2007 - 'Archidrome' Contemporary Art Archive is database that brings the projects and artists' works together. By doing this we aim to create an overview that allows people to see the connections in what has been done so far in the Caucasus region, and enables them to draw conclusions and set further directions from it. This lively database/archive will contain images, writings, DVD’s, films, postcards, sound recordings etc. All the information will also be registered on the blog and later on a website.
2007 - Dance Films Screenings. Nadia Tsulukidze organizes Dance Films Screenings with discussions, presenting concepts and ideas of Choreographers from German 'Ausdrucks Tanz to 'Tanztheater', American Modern and Postmodern Dance.
2007 - Onno Dirkers residency in Tbilisi, Georgia.
2006 - "Georgia here we come - to Holland", Utrecht, Holland.
2006 - “Georgia here we come”, Tbilisi, NAC, Georgia.
2003 - "უცხოელი/Foreigner", six Georgian and six Netherlands-based international artists work together for two month in Tbilisi, followed by the exhibition in old wine factory, Tbilisi and Felix Meritis, Amsterdam, Holland.

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