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Art Gallery Line
Art Gallery Line

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Organization and Management
The gallery was founded in 2003 under the name “Elite Gallery”.
From 2003- 2006 it has been functioning at the Hotel “Marriott Tbilisi”.
In 2007 The gallery's name and location were changed.
Director: Ketevan Paichadze

To promote Georgian Modern Art in Georgia and abroad.
The Gallery holds collections of Modern Fine and Decorative-Applied Art, and a diversity of works of artists of different generations.
“Art Gallery Line” is to be the first chain of Modern Art Galleries functioning in Georgia.
The gallery displays works of talented young, in addition to well-known artists in Georgia and organizes exhibitions and fares of their works.

Project “Winds of Georgia.” The aim of the project is to arrange exhibitions abroad to promote the Georgian Modern Art in different countries. It also aims to organize exchange exhibitions. The first exhibition of this project was held in Baku in the summer of 2003 to commemorate the 26th May Independence Day of Georgia. The main goal of the exhibition is to introduce, to people of Georgia and other countries, current trends in modern art, to arrange meetings between Georgian and foreign artists, to exchange their experiences and to set up workshops. These cultural events help to develop relations between different countries. The joint project HBX/Line Tbilisoba "Art Gallery Line” and International Organization “Hope Box” was implemented from 2008-2009 in Tbilisi during the celebration of “Tbilisoba.” In the framework of this project cultural events, workshops and exhibitions of the Georgian and foreign artists were held Artists of "Art Gallery Line” painted the Kites franebi, which were displayed later in the Exhibition Hall of the “Art Gallery Line,” in the Tbilisi International Airport, in the Batumi Art Museum, and in the Zagreb Modern Art Museum. The project "HBX / Line Tbilisoba" is held every year.

Sergo Tbileli, Levan Vardosanidze, Mamuka Mikeladze, Gia Japaridze, Radim Tordia, Levan Tsutskiridze, Alex Berdishevi, Mamuka Didebashvili, Gogi Lazarashvili, Maya Ramishvili, Dato Popiashvili, Nino Gogolashvili, Tamriko Minashvili, Gia Revazishvili, Gogita Toidze, Avto Popiashvili, Temo Machavariani, Amiran Kuprava, Gela Dumbadze, Durmishkhan Kiknadze, Keti Matabeli, Irakli Megrelishvili, Temur Tailuri, Tengiz Abramishvili, Gia Khutsishvili, Maya Mania, Tamar Zhvania.

Operating hours of the Gallery: every day, 11.00– 23.00.
Bambis Rigi, 7 (Central Gallery)
Kote Aphkhazi, 44 (Art Hall)
Tbilisi International Airport “prime class” CIP (exhibition hall), open 24 hours
+995 32 508 580