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Baia Gallery
Baia Gallery

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Organization and management
Baia Gallery (formerly – The Orient Gallery) opened in 1992. It was renamed in 2000.
It is the first private gallery opened in Georgia.
The gallery is engaged in diverse activities: exhibitions, auctions and consultations to collectors.
The exhibition hall is available for hire.
Collections include 20th and 21st century Georgian art.
Leading directions - Interior art, private collections and cultural heritage. Artist –> Gallery -> Collection.
Informational Service - Appraisal of artworks.
Baia Gallery will provide exhaustive information on 20th century and 21st century Georgian art and will help collectors in developing collections. In its promotion of Georgian art, the gallery offers posters, artistic photos, books and catalogs of works by artists living in Georgia.
Founder and Director - Baia Tsikoridze / Art historian /+995 99 505 302

Since its foundation, the gallery has taken an active role in the development of Georgian art and the promotion of modern artistic culture as well as Georgian cultural heritage.
In the permanent exhibition, visitors can see works by famous Georgian artists of the 20th century: Lado Gudiashvili, Elene Akhvlediani, Keteven Magalashvili, Sergo Kobuladze, Tamar Tavadze, Gigo Gabashvili, Mose Toidze, Valerian Sidamon-Eristavi, Petre Bliotkin, Korneli Sanadze, Irakli Gamrekeli, Solomon Virsaladze, Kirile Zdanevitch, Albert Dilbarian, Lev Baiakhchev, Koka Ignatov, Irakli Farjiani, Serapion Vatsadze, Vano Meliashvili, Merab Abramishvili, Zaza Berdzenishvili, Jemal Kukhalashvili, Gogi Chagelishvili, Zurab Nijaradze and others.
The gallery has organized over 300 exhibitions in Georgia as well as abroad. It has also taken part in several projects:
Research project - Postmodernism in the Transcaucasus
Periodical - Journal Art Market (#1, 2)

Elene Akhvlediani "Winter"
"Mountains", Zurab Gikashvili's exhibition 2010
Irakli Parjiani "Sketch, illustration" 20th century paintings from private collections and modern artists
Keti Gokieli's solo exhibition
Misha Berdzenishvili's solo exhibition
Lia Shvelidze and Mamuka Tsetskhladze exhibition /paintings/
Vakhtang Muskhelishvili solo exhibition
Tatuka Machavariani and Ani Mikadze exhibition /graphic, sculpture/
Valida Kutateladze solo exhibition
Elene Melkadze solo exhibition
Tamuna Lezhava exhibition //RENOVATIO/
Keti Nikolaishvili solo exhibition
Ninio Grishikashvili exhibiton
Lasha Chanchaleishvili exhibiton
Nato Sajaia solo exhibition
Mariam Bitsadze solo exhibition
Levan Margiani solo exhibition
Vakho Topuridze solo exhibition /painting, graphic/
Ninio Chilashvilisolo exhibition” information from Shargorod”
Nana Dvali solo exhibition
Leila Shelia solo exhibition
Omar Saakashvili solo exhibition
Nana Dvali's solo exhibition / painting, collage/. “Baia Gallery”, Tbilisi, Georgia.
Leila Shelia's solo exhibition, “Baia Gallery”, Tbilisi, Georgia.
Omar Saakashvili's solo exhibition and book presentation "Colored odor", Tbilisi, Georgia.
Lana Gotsidize's solo exhibition. “Baia Gallery”, Tbilisi, Georgia.
Nino Chilashvili's solo exhibition. “Baia Gallery”, Tbilisi, Georgia.
Alim Rijinashvili, “Total Love”, “Baia Gallery”, Tbilisi, Georgia.
Gela Manjavidze, “Garden”, “Baia Gallery”, Tbilisi, Georgia.
Jarji Balanchivandze, “Baia Gallery”, Tbilisi, Georgia.
Alexandre Mikadze, “The Garden of Gethsemane”, “Baia Gallery”, Tbilisi, Georgia.
Project “Process”, The 20th century Georgian Art, ”The Famous Unknown Person - "Lali” – Emma Lalaeva - Ediberidze (1904-1991)", second personal exhibition, “Baia Gallery”, Tbilisi, Georgia.
“New Paintings from Private Collections”, “Baia Gallery”, Tbilisi, Georgia.
Gogi Chagelishvili, “Armazi”, “Baia Gallery”, Tbilisi, Georgia.
“The 20th century – Starting Space Georgian Modernism from Private Collections”, Exhibition and Catalog Launch, The Project was implemented with the support of The Ministry of Culture, Monument Protection and Sport of Georgia within the framework of “Artisterium” – the International Forum of Visual Art, Author of the project and curator of the exhibition - Baia Tsikoridze, “Baia Gallery”, Tbilisi, Georgia.
Oleg Timchenko, "State”, “Baia Gallery”, Tbilisi, Georgia.
Nika Kazbegi, Centenary Exhibition organizer “Baia Gallery", Exhibition was embodied by the support of TBC Bank, Tbilisi, Georgia.
Elene Akhvlediani, “Paintings from Private Collections”, Presentation of the project, “Baia Gallery", Tbilisi, Georgia.
Kote Sulaberidze, “About Ham”, “Baia Gallery”, Tbilisi, Georgia.
Mamuka Tsetskhladze, “New Artworks 2008”, “Baia Gallery”, Tbilisi, Georgia.
Vakho Bugadze, “Body”, “Baia Gallery”, Tbilisi, Georgia.

Yuri Berishvili's solo exhibition, “Baia Gallery”, Tbilisi, Georgia.
Lev Baiakhchev's solo exhibition, “Baia Gallery”, Tbilisi, Georgia.
Valentin Sherpilov’s exhibition and the presentation of the Calendar, “Baia Gallery”, INVESTBANK, Tbilisi, Georgia. Levan Chogoshvili, “Christmas Exhibition”, “Baia Gallery”, Tbilisi, Georgia. Georgian Sculpture, Organizers: “Baia Gallery”, Gallery “Vernissage”, "Bagebi- City”, Tbilisi, Georgia. “Tbilisi - Paris”, Mamuka Tsetskhladze’s solo exhibition, “Baia Gallery”, Tbilisi, Georgia. “ART EXPO - XX-X XI”, “Baia Gallery”, Tbilisi, Georgia. Elene Akhvlediani, "Paintings from Private Collections", “Baia Gallery”, Tbilisi, Georgia. Korneli Sanadze, Exhibition is embodied by the support of TBC Bank, Project organizers: “Baia Gallery”, Gallery “Vernissage”, Tbilisi, Georgia. 2006
Zurab Nizharadze's solo exhibition, "Baia Gallery”, Tbilisi, Georgia. Auction of Georgian Art "Opera", “Baia Gallery”, Show Room "OPERA - Interior design”, Tbilisi, Georgia. “The Knight in Panther's Skin", Exhibition is embodied by the support of TBC Bank, Project organizers: “Baia Gallery”, Gallery “Vernissage”, Tbilisi, Georgia. "Soso Gabashvili – Painter and Book Illustrator”, Exhibition is embodied by the support of TBC Bank, Project organizers: “Baia Gallery”, Gallery “Vernissage”, Tbilisi, Georgia. 2005
“Fantastic City“, Art and Chronicle of Tbilisi Cultural Life in XX Century 1910-1920s, Private Collections from Georgia and Abroad, Modernism, Futurism, Avant-garde, Soc-Realism Painting, drawings, stage design, sculptor, book illustration, Photo and archive material. Exhibition is embodied by the support of TBC Bank, Project organizers: “Baia Gallery”, Gallery “Vernissage”, Tbilisi, Georgia. 2004-2000
“From collection to collection” (4 exhibitions), Tbilisi, Georgia. 2003
Petre Bletkin, Jubilee exhibition, Tbilisi, Georgia. 1995
Exhibition project "Georgian Art", Baku, Azerbaijan. Painting, Ceramics, IvertBank, Tbilisi, Georgia. 1994
Georgian Paintings, Vienna, Austria.

The gallery occupies a two-stored building on Chardin Street, in a historical district of the city; the total available space is 70 sq/m.

Baia Gallery is open everyday 12.00 a.m. – 22.00 p.m.
10 Chardin st., Tbilisi, Georgia
+995 32 754 510
+995 99 505 302
+995 99 27 54 72,