D. Kakabadze Kutaisi art gallery
D. Kakabadze Kutaisi art gallery

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Organisation and Management“David Kakabadze Kutaisi Fine Art Gallery ” was established in 1967. The sphere of the business of the gallery is to reveal, collect, document, protect and study the cultural heritage objects, and organize their exhibitions.
The gallery stores famous Georgian painters’ works (about 3000 items in total, that include: painting, graphic, sculpture, applied art, etc.). The gallery also includes the works of contemporary european artists/planners.
The gallery consists of four exhibitions halls; two of them are used for the permanent exhibitions and the other two for temporary exhibitions. The gallery can be rented.
Manager - Eliso Chogovadze (Art Historian), +995 99 253 575

The main directions of the gallery activities are: the popularization of contemporary arts, support of contemporary art development, support of young artists, support of folk art, the organization and implementation of poetic and musical events. The gallery also greatly considers regional art and its contribution to the Georgian artistic heritage.

ContactThe gallery is open Monday-Friday, 10:00 – 18:00
Rustaveli St., 8, Kutaisi, Georgia
(431) 25 27 52
8 231 4 23 29
8 231 5 03 49
+995 99 253 575