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Art Space Gallery
Art Space Gallery

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Organization and managementThe University of Georgia Gallery ,,Art Space” is a contemporary art gallery that represents visual artists, sculptors and photographers . We accept all arts mediums, two-dimensional and three-dimensional, as well as proposals for gallery installations. The gallery represents emerging, mid-career, and established artists. Artists may submit exhibition proposals for review by the Art Space Gallery to be considered for a show. Solo, duo, group and class exhibitions are all encouraged. The gallery also curates juried exhibitions and competitions. Gallery will provide Master classes and workshops.
The gallery was established on October 30, 2012.
Gallery manager: Maia Nanobashvili

Our goal is to exhibit, communicate, and support the visual arts by offering students and the university the opportunity to become involved and experience artwork produced by Contemporary artists .
We focus on developing exhibitions and hosting not-for-profit events that encourage spiritual.Our collection primarily consists of original works of art featuring a multitude of genres with a focus on unique, distinctive and rare artwork that has appreciative value. Gallery's goal is to educate and provide a professional, comfortable and welcoming environment, whether you are a seasoned collector, art appreciator or merely have an interest in learning about art.

Exhibitions, projects
2013 15-30 March - ,,Meeting” – Polish artists Tomaz Vever and Malgorzeta Lazarek
2013 18-26 February - "Krampfanfall-Pain aesthetic" – Solo exhibition of Nikola Piskopo (Naples, Italy)
2013 "The Love Story of Yellow Ladybirds" (Mikheil Abramishvili, Ketevan Nadibaidze)
2012 "Where the soul is hiding" - international group project
2012 The project "De-formation" (Givi Kasradze)

The exhibitions organized at the gallery, are accompanied with catalogs printed by University of Georgia.

Exhibition space: 40 sq.m, 180 sq.m.,100 sq.m.

ContactAlexander Griboedov st N18 1-st floor
Tbilisi, Georgia 0108

+995 599 010040
+995 593 934940